Meetings of the department

Yesterday we held a meeting of the department!

The meeting discussed the course of the admission campaign, as well as the proposals of students and graduates to improve educational programs. We work hard even during the holidays, because this is a period of inspiration and creativity.… Continue reading

Our research in the second issue of the Aerospace Bulletin

Check out our research in the second issue of the Aerospace Herald!

The first issue of the journal was devoted to space education in Ukraine, and the second issue contains an informational overview of space research in Ukraine in 2020-2022.

Among them are some of our studies, the main ones are

development of information services for assessing sustainable development indicators for Ukraine’s national indicators;

creation of information technology for fire risk assessment and monitoring of fires in natural ecosystems based on satellite data;

development of intelligent models and methods for determining indicators of land and forest degradation based on satellite data.… Continue reading

NUPh nominated Professor of our Department Natalia Kussul to the international database AcademiaNet

From February 21 to April 1, 2023, applications were submitted to the National Research Foundation of Ukraine under the Agreement on the Nomination of Ukrainian Researchers to the International Database AcademiaNet.

A total of 46 applications were received. Of these, the Scientific Council selected 32 candidates, including Professor Natalia Kussul of our department.… Continue reading

Presentation of diplomas to bachelors

The solemn presentation of diplomas to our bachelor’s graduates took place

Our graduates are talented, ambitious and purposeful, they have been and are the pride of our department, so we believe in each of them and wish them success in the future!… Continue reading