List of disciplines

Educational and scientific program of the second (master) level of higher education

113 Applied Mathematics

Degree of higher education: Master
Term of study: 1 year 4 months
The name of the educational program: Mathematical Methods of Modelling, Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision
ID of the educational program in the SSEBE: 49230

Prepares for the educational program


1. Compulsory Educational Components
1.1 General Training Cycle
GC 1 Intellectual Property and Patent Science
GC 2 Sustainable Innovation Development  
GC 3 Practical course of foreign language business communication  
GC 4 Startup Projects Development  
GC 5 Intellectual Data Analysis  
1.2 Vocational Training Cycle
PC 1 General Game Theory  
PC 2 Construction of Mathematical Models in Natural Science
PC 3 Statistical Methods of Recognition
PC 4 Models and Decision Making under Uncertainty
PC 5 Scientific Work on the Topic of Master’s Thesis:
PC 5.1 1. Fundamentals of Scientific Research
PC 5.2 2. Research Work on the Topic of Master’s Thesis
PC 6 Practice
PC 7 Master’s Thesis Implementation and Defence
2. Оptional educational components
2.1. Vocational training cycle
(Оptional subjetcs from Faculty catalogue)