List of disciplines

Educational and professional program of the first (bachelor) level of higher education

113 Applied Mathematics

Degree of higher education: Bachelor
Term of study: 3 years 10 months
The name of the educational program: Mathematical Methods of Modelling, Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision
ID of the educational program in the SSEBE: 49218

Prepares for the educational program
List of components of the educational  program
1. Compulsory Educational Components
1.1. General Training Cycle
GC 1 Ukrainian for Specific Purposes
GC 2 History of Science and Technology  
GC 3 Healthy Lifestyle Basics  
GC 4 Foreign Language
GC 5 Fundamentals of Economics
GC 6 Life Safety and Civil Defence
GC 7 Mathematical Analysis
GC 8 Differential Equations  
GC 9 Theory of Functions of a Complex Variable  
GC 10 Functional Analysis
GC 11 Algebra and Geometry
GC 12 Discrete Mathematics
GC 13 Mathematical Logic and Theory of Algorithms  
GC 14 Probability Theory
GC 15 Mathematical Statistics
GC 16 Data Analysis
GC 17 Models of Classical Physics
GC 18 Mathematical Modeling  
GC 19 Optimization Methods
GC 20 Control Theory
GC 21 Programming
GC 22 Computer Systems and Software
GC 23 Algorithms and Data Structures  
GC 24 Databases and Information Systems  
GC 25 Foreign Language for Professional Purposes
GC 26 Philosophical Foundations of Scientific Cognition  
GC 27 Information Security
1.2. Vocational Training Cycle
PC 1 Special Topics in Programming  
PC 2 Coursework in Special Topics in Programming  
PC 3 Mathematical Methods of Classical Mechanics
PC 4 Optical Systems  
PC 5 Models of Modern Physics  
PC 6 Models of Spatially Distributed Systems
PC 7 Computational Methods  
PC 8 Decision Making Methods  
PC 9 Mathematical Methods of Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision
PC 10 Systems Analysis  
PC 11 Modelling of Natural, Economic, and Social Processes
PC 12 Pre-diploma Practice
PC 13 Diploma Project
2. Optional Educational Components
2.1. General Training Cycle (Оptional subjetcs from University catalogue)
2.2. Vocational Training Cycle (Оptional subjetcs from Faculty catalogue)