Scientific seminar

From October 2022, the work of the scientific seminar “Data, Intelligence and Algorithms” was started at the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis.

The seminar examines the scientific directions of the department’s work, participation in scientific and educational projects, as well as the department’s activities in the international community.
Lecturers, graduate students, masters and bachelors who have interesting research and scientific achievements and are ready to share them, or if there is a desire to choose or expand their field of work, are invited to speak and participate in the seminar.
The seminar takes place in a mixed format – face-to-face in the classroom. 205-11 FTI, and online. A link to the meeting, as well as information about the workshop schedule and speakers, will be sent to the email address you provide on the registration form.
For questions, contact the scientific secretary of the seminar Oleksandr Yavorskyi (telegram @svefn, e-mail

Previous seminars:

February 1, 2023 – Doctor of Ph.D. of Sciences, professor, member-cor. NAS of Ukraine, head of the Department of Algebra and Topology of the Institute of Mathematics of the National Academy of Sciences, President of the Kyiv Mathematical Society Maksimenko Serhiy Ivanovich will dedicate his lecture to the concept of Kolmogorov-Synai entropy, which is one of the important numerical invariants in the theory of dynamical systems, which allows us to distinguish processes by the “degree of mixing of points”. Oleksandr Yavorskyi, a PhD student of the department, discussed with the audience the connection between topology and machine learning and considered some aspects of using topological data analysis.

December 14, 2022Leonid Shumilo, a graduate of the department, will give a speech “Deep Learning for satellite monitoring”. Horizon Europe’s new project “Satellites for Wildlife Inspection and Forest Threat Tracking” (SWIFTT) is dedicated to this topic.

October 27, 2022 – the main scientific areas of work were told by the head of Department Kussul Nataliia. Oleksandr Yavorskyi, a PhD student of the department, gave a speech “Geometry machines healthcare”, associate professor of the department Vladyslav Khaidurov presented his research areas.