Applied mathematics scientific group

The group is aimed at deepening knowledge and acquiring skills in data analysis, machine learning, working with large volumes of data and creating geoportals. Members of the group will actively participate in competitions, hackathons and Olympiads. The tasks that will be solved at the circle are real and necessary for implementation within the framework of current European projects. Members of the group have a unique opportunity to work in cloud platforms (CREODIAS, Amason Web Services, Google Earth Engine).

We invite all interested students, as well as talented schoolchildren, who have the inspiration to engage in self-development, as well as to get acquainted with approaches to data analysis and their use on real, “live” datasets, to the group.


The order to create the scientific group: НОН/275/2022 from 29.09.2022

Head of the scientific group: PhD Hanna Yailymova

Activities and successes of the group:

  1. Fireflies SQuad team at NASA Space App Challenge 2023

  2. Our students received diplomas for winning the All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers in the fields of knowledge and specialties

  3. Participation of students of the circle in the All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific papers in the fields of knowledge and specialties
  4. Congratulations to the department’s team for winning the BlackSeaScience 2023 international competition
  5. Preparation of the student team for the performance in the final stage of the international competition of student scientific works Black Sea Science
  6. The team of the applied mathematics group won the 2nd absolute place in the 1st stage of the Black Sea Science International Student Research Paper Competition
  7. Trainings from the leading scientific center of the European Commission Joint Research Center
  8. The team of the applied mathematics scientific group became the winner of the regional stage of the NASA International Space Apps Challenge Kyiv 2022 hackathon and entered the international stage (Facebook1, Facebook2)
  9. The participants of the applied mathematics club performed at the NASA Space Apps Challenge – 2022