Works of our students at the All-Ukrainian competition

Both works of our 4th-year bachelors Kuzin Volodymyr and Saliy Yevgeny at the All-Ukrainian competition of student scientific works in the fields of knowledge and specialties were approved by the Academic Council of the NN РTI.

1️⃣ Kuzin Volodymyr’s work on the topic «Analysis of the effectiveness of cloud platforms for satellite monitoring tasks» aimed to investigate the use of cloud technologies for the processing and analysis of satellite data and to evaluate their effectiveness in comparison with local computing resources.

To achieve this goal, the European cloud platform CREODIAS was analyzed, its comparative analysis was carried out with other cloud solutions and with local computing resources.

Opportunities of CREODIAS cloud technology
The infrastructure of the CREODIAS cloud platform

2️⃣ Salia Yevgenia’s work on the topic «Determination of informative signs for identification of forest diseases using satellite data» talks about the importance of early detection of forest diseases for the possibility of combating them using neural network models.

Considered areas. Black dots are areas

The method of finding significant features using the Bagattacharya distance and the effectiveness of individual features, namely: channels of Sentitel-2 satellite images and various vegetation indices, were considered.

We are proud of our students and wish them success in the competition!