Congratulations on the International Day of Women in Science

Today, February 11, the whole world celebrates the International Day of Women in Science!
In the modern world, women are responsible not only for domestic comfort, but also for a significant part of scientific achievements, which are currently developing very actively, thereby opening new perspectives for the development of innovations and technologies.… Continue reading

Our students have been recommended for personalized scholarships from the President of Ukraine!

Our students have been recommended for personalized scholarships from the President of Ukraine!

The President of Ukraine Scholarship is awarded to higher education students who are excellent students and have distinguished themselves in their academic and research work. And this is about them:

  1. Кузін Володимир Гамлетович — НН ФТІ, 1 курс, ФІ-31мн
  2. Салій Євгеній Валерійович — НН ФТІ, 1 курс, ФІ-31мн
  3. Дрозд Софія Юріївна — НН ФТІ, 1 курс, ФІ-31мн

The students’ documents will be submitted to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, which will make the final decision on the scholarships.… Continue reading

Results of the Winter Bootcamp 2024

Here are the results of our Winter Bootcamp!

The participants were young people from the best schools in the capital, such as Lyceum “Leader”, Technical Lyceum NTUU “KPI”, Ukrainian Physical and Mathematical Lyceum, lyceums №227, 208, Remote School “Optima”, etc.

The lecturers of the Bootcamp shared their experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Applied Mathematics, and their own experience of participating in Hackathons, Olympiads, and international competitions.… Continue reading

Professors of our department, Natalia Kussul and Andriy Shelestov, were elected as representatives of Ukraine in the Horizon Europe program committees

The European Union’s Horizon Europe Framework Program for Research and Innovation is the largest EU program for funding science and innovation with a total budget of over 95.5 billion euros.

Participation in this program is important for Ukrainian scientists and innovators because it:

• allows them to use European instruments of competitive funding and grant support;

• provides conditions for joint research with EU member states;

• provides access to the research infrastructure of EU member states and contributes to the development of the material and technical base in Ukraine.… Continue reading

The Winter Bootcamp Techno Ukraine has started its work

Today, January 4, 2024, on the basis of the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis, a winter Bootcamp for preparing schoolchildren for the Techno Ukraine competition started.

During the bootcamp, they talked about interesting and modern areas of science that the department deals with in the field of artificial intelligence, and not only that.… Continue reading

We invite you to the guest lecture “Artificial intelligence and applied mathematics”

We invite everyone to the guest lecture “Artificial Intelligence and Applied Mathematics” by Prof. Natalia Kussul!

Join via the link on December 27, 2023, at 2:00 p.m.
To participate, fill out the registration form

A link to join will be emailed at 1:30pm, or use the code word AI_AppMath.… Continue reading

Results of 2023 of the department

A difficult year is coming to an end. A year of awareness. And for our department – the year of formation.

This year we:
• received accreditation of our educational programs at all three levels
• 2 Horizon Europe projects won
• completed the NFSU project on the topic of “smart cities”
• won and started the MES “Smart Villages” project
• International summer school “Data Analysis” was organized for the third time
• held a Math Magic quiz
• we have 2 new young NPPs in the staff of the department
• we have a scholarship recipient of the Cabinet of Ministers and a winner of the “Young Teacher Researcher” competition
• wrote many good articles
• successfully organized sections at DESSERT 2023 and at the FTI conference of young scientists
• we have 5 new graduate students
• FTI hackathon was organized

Our students:
• won the KPI-open interfaculty tour and became participants in the international stage
• became the winners of the Black Sea Science international competition of student works
• won 2 stages of the all-Ukrainian ICPC tournament and entered the international stage
• became the winners of the 1st round of scientific student papers in the fields of knowledge and specialties (the second was not held)
• took 1st and 2nd place in the university stage of the AI ​​competition
• became the winners of the all-Ukrainian stage of the AI ​​competition
• received the prize of audience sympathy at the NASA Space App Challenge hackathon
• won the hackathon with AI in Mria

As a result, our department took 1st place in the rating among more than 100 departments of KPI.… Continue reading

Read about us at Kyiv Polytechnic

In the new issue of the newspaper, we talked about our department, projects, achievements and our students, in particular:

• Sofia Drozd, a master’s student of our department, as part of the delegation from the European Union, successfully presented Europe and KPI named after Igor Sikorsky at the ministerial summit with the participation of more than 150 countries of the world and the GEO Week 2023 international conference in Cape Town (Republic of South Africa).… Continue reading