Results of 2023 of the department

A difficult year is coming to an end. A year of awareness. And for our department – the year of formation.

This year we:
• received accreditation of our educational programs at all three levels
• 2 Horizon Europe projects won
• completed the NFSU project on the topic of “smart cities”
• won and started the MES “Smart Villages” project
• International summer school “Data Analysis” was organized for the third time
• held a Math Magic quiz
• we have 2 new young NPPs in the staff of the department
• we have a scholarship recipient of the Cabinet of Ministers and a winner of the “Young Teacher Researcher” competition
• wrote many good articles
• successfully organized sections at DESSERT 2023 and at the FTI conference of young scientists
• we have 5 new graduate students
• FTI hackathon was organized

Our students:
• won the KPI-open interfaculty tour and became participants in the international stage
• became the winners of the Black Sea Science international competition of student works
• won 2 stages of the all-Ukrainian ICPC tournament and entered the international stage
• became the winners of the 1st round of scientific student papers in the fields of knowledge and specialties (the second was not held)
• took 1st and 2nd place in the university stage of the AI ​​competition
• became the winners of the all-Ukrainian stage of the AI ​​competition
• received the prize of audience sympathy at the NASA Space App Challenge hackathon
• won the hackathon with AI in Mria

As a result, our department took 1st place in the rating among more than 100 departments of KPI.
A lot has been done. More plans to come. May we succeed in everything.

The team of the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis sincerely wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a peaceful sky