Each organization is interested in qualified, experienced and reliable employees. However, not everyone understands how to choose them. The most effective approach is to be an active employer, ie to educate one’s own staff in cooperation with the university. With the support of the Physics and Technology of National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” management, employers in applied mathematics and artificial intelligence have the opportunity to become a partner and improve the educational program “Mathematical methods of modeling, pattern recognition and computer vision” in specialty 113 – Applied Mathematics.

To do this, we kindly ask employers to fill out a questionnaire on the needs of potential employers in specialists in applied mathematics and artificial intelligence.

Partners of the department:



Organization Agreement Meetings
V.M. Glushkov Institute of Cybernetics of the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) of Ukraine Support letter from 03.03.2023
GridDynamics Agreement №Д/0002.01/0105.01/78/2022 dated 20.05.2022 20.10.2022
Institute of Information Registration Problems of NASU Agreement №Д/0002.01/0105.01/58/2022 dated 23.02.2022
International educational and scientific center of information technologies and systems of NASU and MONU Agreement №Д/0002.01/0105.01/371/2021 dated 21.10.2021
Space research institute NASU-SSAU Agreement
dated 02.11.2021
Samsung Research Ukraine R&D Agreement №РД/986/16-0621 dated 01.07.2021 09.06.2021
Apostera GMBH Agreement
dated 21.10.2021
CIVITTA 07.10.2022
Information Systems Security Partners (ISSP) 25.11.2021
Ukrainian Association of High-Tech Enterprises and Organizations “KOSMOS” Support letter №12/02 від 08.12.22  20.10.2022
Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine Agreement №М/0002.01/2000.02/2/2020 dated 01.12.2020 25.11.2021
Anhalt University of applied science Agreement dated 18.12.2019

Support letter

Institute of Mathematics of NASU Agreement №2700/119-1 dated 12.10.2010
Українське молодіжне аерокосмічне об’єднання «Сузір’я» Support letter № 75/12 dated 09.12.2022 р.
Institute of mathematical machines and system problems Support letter №148/8-32 dated 05.12.2022
National space facilities control and test center Support letter