The team of the applied mathematics group won the 2nd absolute place in the 1st stage of the Black Sea Science International Student Research Paper Competition

The inter-university team from the circle of applied mathematics working at the Department of MMDA, consisting of Yevhenii Salii, Volodymyr Kuzin (students of the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis) and Anton Hohol (National University “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”) under the leadership of Prof. Nataliia Kusul and PhD Anna Yailymova, won the absolute second place in the 1st stage of the Black Sea Science International Student Research Competition.
The international competition of student scientific works “Black Sea Science” is held annually on the basis of the Odessa National University of Technology under the auspices of the Black Sea Universities Network and ISEKI-Food Association.
In their work “Machine learning models and technology for classification of forest on satellite data” (section Information technologies, automation and robotics), the team developed a deep learning algorithm for forest classification maps creatoin based on satellite data using existing historical datasets as training data. The obtained model can be applied to satellite data for the required year and for the required area of interest, and as a result, obtain a modern map of the forest divided into two classes – deciduous and coniferous.
The work was carried out within the international forest monitoring project SWIFTT (Satellites for Wilderness Inspection and Forest Threat Tracking –, which is aimed at tracking forest diseases and other possible risks for forests using satellite data. The team also actively uses the CREODIAS European cloud platform for processing satellite images and neural network algorithms.
The boys have the second stage of the competition ahead of them, where they need to talk about their project live. We wish the team success and victory!