Preparation of the student team for the performance in the final stage of the international competition of student scientific works Black Sea Science

On March 21, 2023, the team of the applied mathematics group met at the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis to finalize their performance in the second final stage of the Black Sea Science international student research competition.

We remind you that the team won the second absolute place in the 1st stage and was invited to participate in the 2nd stage to summarize the results of the competition.

The work of the “Machine learning models and technology for classification of forest on satellite data” team is devoted to the development of a neural network model for constructing maps of forest types based on satellite data. The work is carried out within the framework of the European project “Satellites for Wilderness Inspection and Forest Threat Tracking” – SWIFTT on monitoring forests and their health.

It should be noted that very symbolically March 21, 2023 is the International Day of Forests, declared by the United Nations to celebrate and draw attention to the importance of all types of forests.

Therefore, we congratulate everyone involved in the holiday, in science, and wish the victory for our students in the competition!