From May 4 to June 10, five employees of the MMDA department – Nataliia Kussul, Alla Lavrenyuk, Andrii Shelestov, Hanna Yalymova and Ivan Tereshchenko, successfully completed the International Internship of Pedagogical and Scientific Pedagogical Workers of ZVO III – IV levels of accreditation “DIGITAL FUTURE: BLENDED LEARNING“, organized by the Digln.Net 2 team with the support of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Hochshule Anhalt, HSA) on the basis of DUDIZ (German-Ukrainian Center for Digital Innovation).

The internship program highlighted the solution of current educational problems in the conditions of distance learning and the possibility of using digital technologies in the educational process, namely:

  • Methodical aspects of the organization of mixed or distance learning
  • Digital technologies of communication and cooperation of students and teachers
  • Tools for creating digital educational content

All successfully completed the internship and received international certificates! We sincerely congratulate our colleagues!