Our victories in the second stage of the ІСРС

On October 28, our team “KPI_KyivPolytechnics23” won 8th place in the second stage of ICPC in the northern region, having solved 4 tasks.

Team composition:
• Логвинов Дмитро, ФІ-11
• Данілов Костянтин, ФІ-11
• Ігор Приходько, ФБ-01

This team entered the international stage!

Our other team, KPI_IPT_Fizkek, took 16th place by solving 2 problems.

Team composition:
• Потужний Богдан, ФІ-03
• Свірш Влада, ФІ-03
• Діма Костриця, ФІ-33

We congratulate our teams on the good result and wish them further success!