Professors of our department talked to the newspaper «Світ»

Professors of our department, Andrii Shelestov and Nataliia Kussul, talked to the «Світ» newspaper about the role of satellite monitoring in public administration on the way to European integration.

«In 2013, Europe announced a common agricultural policy (Common Agricultural Policy — CAP), which was adopted by all the states of the European Union. This policy determined the basic principles of agricultural management by the member countries. European countries should implement joint activities for joint comprehensive monitoring of this important area. As an associate member of the EU and a future full member of the union, we also need to implement this concept, and for this we should involve space technologies,» says Andriy Shelestov.

The complexity of building such a system is due to the fact that countries are different, each has its own legislation, although they all support EU legislation. On the other hand, there are many independent sources of information, such as national cadastres.

Europe has implemented a comprehensive information system that enables monitoring of agricultural plots on which specific farmers work. The use of this system involves subsidizing farmers who report using it. CAP in Europe makes it possible to legally check suspicious fields using satellite information.

This is a complex idea that is quite difficult to implement and use given the technical and legislative complexity, the presence of a large number of consumers and participants in this process.

Ukraine has been announcing its desire to be a part of the European Union and to participate in this system for a long time. In 2016, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development began working on pilot projects to implement an integrated approach to agricultural monitoring, which is very important for Ukraine.

So there are problems. Solutions are needed.

And the employees of our department are actively working on them!

You can read about this and more in the newspaper «Світ» at the link.