Geospatial models and information technologies of satellite monitoring of smart city problems

Project within NRFU Competition “Leading and Young Scientists Research Support”

The project duration: 2020 – 2022

Supervisor: prof. Andrii Shelestov

Project abstract

Digital technologies for the ecological state monitoring and city development have become important for society and various stakeholders. Thanks to the emergence of new sources of open data, there are opportunities to develop and implement services that are already used in the European Union (EU) and European cities. One of the key projects in this area is the SMURBS program ERA-PLANET and the pan-European program Copernicus. The use of Copernicus data for Ukraine can ensure the development of public environmental monitoring. Therefore, in this project it is planned to develop the first in Ukraine Copernicus Urban Atlas product-analogue, which will increase the efficiency of planning and monitoring of the city. This will be the basis for further development of city monitoring services. A methodology for satellite and in-situ data fusion will also be developed, which will provide opportunities for Ukrainian cities to use air quality products with high spatial and temporal resolution.