Standards for the company are, first of all, a way to own efficiency. Interview with an IPT graduate

Just yesterday Victor Sdobnikov, a graduate of the Institute of Physics and Technology majoring in 113 «Applied Mathematics» and co-author of our educational program «Methods of mathematical modeling, pattern recognition and computer vision», who is one of the founders of Apostera, gave an interview to Alexander Yurchak.

We talked to Victor many times, trying to find out and absorb as much interesting information as possible in the field of development and artificial intelligence, and this time he talked about the standards of the automotive industry and how to manage them. «Standards for the company are, first of all, a way to own efficiency», — a conclusion which can be made, having analyzed video, and as Victor speaks, if not to start implementing standards now — we will lose years from 10.

So take a notebook, a pen, and quickly follow the link to parse the interview into quotes and get one step closer to modern technology.