In the United States, an artificial intelligence robot will guard an amusement park

According to UKRINFORM, the robot with artificial intelligence Roameo will guard the amusement park Six Flags Magic Mountain, located in Los Angeles, California.

According to park officials, the robot will start patrolling next week. Roameo will operate both in the parking lot and inside the amusement park.

The autonomous robot with a speed of 19 km per hour will be a mobile version of the current stationary video surveillance cameras of the park. He will be able to identify violators in restricted areas to visitors to the amusement park.

Roameo will not react directly to violations, but the bot can notify people about violators.

Roameo’s other features include recognizing non-masked amusement park visitors. What’s more, the robot’s 53-inch touch screen can show a map of the park, waiting time for attractions and other information.