Certificate program «Models and methods of intellectual analysis of heterogeneous data»

We bring to your attention the certificate program «MODELS AND METHODS OF INTELLECTUAL ANALYSIS OF HETEROGENEOUS DATA»! Now it is freely available on the official resource of NTUU «KPІ» and is available to anyone.

The certificate program was developed as a separate component of the educational program in the specialty 113 «Applied Mathematics» of the second (master’s) level of higher education. It consists of three disciplines, namely «Methods of analysis of large heterogeneous data», «Methods of deep learning on heterogeneous data» and «Information technology analysis of large heterogeneous data».

The certificate program is designed for university students and external students who want to learn how to solve complex applications and practical problems in the application of mathematical models and intelligent methods of processing heterogeneous large volumes of data in cloud environments.

Upon successful completion of the program, students are issued a certificate of the established model of KPI. As part of the certification program, higher education students also have the opportunity to take one of the official courses from Amazon and obtain an AWS Graduate Certificate.

To receive a certificate of mastering these disciplines, register at the link.

Methods of analysis of large heterogeneous data.

Information technologies for the analysis of large heterogeneous data.

Deep learning methods of  on heterogeneous data.