Meeting of project participants and students

A meeting on the DigiJED project with students took place on September 14. Professor Eduard Siemens (University of Applied Sciences Anhalt), the project leader, gave a speech. Professor Maria Calendar, Professor Andrey Shelestov (Kyiv Igor Sikorsky National Technical University of Ukraine) and PhD Aleksandra Tsyra (State University of Intellectual Technologies and Communications) presented their courses to the international student community. From the KPI named after Igor Sikorsky wished to participate 20 students from NNFTI, FIOT, FMF and the Technical Lyceum “KPI”. During 3 months they will study cloud technologies, operating systems and the principles of parallel computing. Presentation of the Digital Education with Joined Efforts project:

A special feature of this project is that not only lectures in the form of classic courses via a zoom platform are offered, but also the execution of laboratory tests via a specially created IT platform for this purpose. In this way, applied learning in an online format is significantly improved for the modules offered. Participation in the project also enables the development of Soft Skills, through which students learn how to interact in teams and successfully present themselves and their knowledge. Link to the project website