Results of the German-Ukrainian DAAD project “DigiJED-​2: Digital Education with Joined Efforts” 2022 and development in 2023

The main goal of the DijiJED educational project is to support the educational process at Ukrainian universities under martial law. The project envisages the creation of a concept of collaborative digital learning in the field of information and communication technologies.

The educational project involves students of the 3-4th year of bachelor’s and 1st year of master’s degree, as well as Ukrainian teachers, some of whom already work at the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences or teach from Ukraine, as well as teachers from Germany and North Macedonia.… Continue reading

An article was published in the Kyiv Polytechnic newspaper

An article has been published about the activity of the Applied Mathematics Club and its leader, Dr. Hanna Oleksiivna Yailymova, who is also an employee of the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

The department’s instructors place a great deal of emphasis on working with talented young people, involving both students and high school students in clubs, and mentors set interesting tasks, encouraging young people to engage in scientific activities.… Continue reading

Results of the work of the department’s scientific circles

We have good news – student scientific circles continue their work at full capacity! And during the first semester of 2022, our participants have achieved amazing results. For example, students from the Applied Mathematics circle, led by Hanna Yailymova, participated in the NASA Space App Challenge hackathon and advanced to the international stage of the competition!… Continue reading

Double Degree Agreement with the University of Applied Sciences Anhalt (Germany)

An important event has taken place for the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis and our students – a double degree agreement has been signed with the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. By enrolling in the master’s program “Methods of Mathematical Modeling, Pattern Recognition, and Computer Vision” in the specialty 113 Applied Mathematics, students can simultaneously obtain a diploma from Igor Sikorsky KPI and a diploma from the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Germany) in the field of Data Science.… Continue reading

Meeting with students

At the start of the semester, the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis organized a lively meeting between students and professors.

During the meeting, the students enthusiastically shared their thoughts and experiences about their studies. They discussed their exciting plans and future prospects for research, while also reflecting on the success of the “Olympiad Programming” and “Applied Mathematics” clubs.… Continue reading

Participation in the international scientific conference DESSERT’2022

In December 9-11, teachers and students presented the results of their research at the international scientific conference DESSERT’2022 (12th International IEEE Conference Dependable Systems, Services and Technologies).

Head of the Department Nataliia Kussul spoke on the topic “Big Satellite Data and Artificial Intelligence for Food and Environmental Security” at the plenary section “Big Data and Big Safety”, where she highlighted the importance of using artificial intelligence to satellite data for monitoring land cover for the state’s economy, especially during the war, when it is not possible to obtain information from the occupied territories.… Continue reading

Scientific Seminar “Data, Intelligence and Algorithms”

The Department held a meeting within the framework of the international scientific seminar “Data, Intelligence and Algorithms” in a remote format.

The report “Deep Learning for satellite monitoring” was made by Leonid Shumilo, a graduate student of the Department of MMAD, a graduate student of the University of Maryland, a specialist in deep neural networks and satellite data.… Continue reading

Participation in the international conference on satellite monitoring AGU22 (USA)

Authors: Leonid Shumilo, University of Maryland College Park, College Park, United States, Sergii Skakun, University of Maryland College Park, Department of Geographical Sciences, College Park, United States, Andrii Shelestov, National technical university of Ukraine “Kyiv polytechnic institute”, Kyiv, Ukraine and Nataliia Kussul, Space Research Institute NAS Ukraine and SSA Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine

As a member of The Bern Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats, Ukraine began establishing special environmental protected areas in early 2000 as part of the Global Emerald Network.… Continue reading

Defense of master’s theses for obtaining a master’s degree in applied mathematics

On December 19, the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute hosted the defense of master’s theses.

Students of the ФІ-11мп group successfully defended their works on the educational and professional program “Methods of mathematical modeling, pattern recognition and computer vision” and received the qualification of “Masters of Applied Mathematics”.… Continue reading