Results of the work of the department’s scientific circles

We have good news – student scientific circles continue their work at full capacity! And during the first semester of 2022, our participants have achieved amazing results. For example, students from the Applied Mathematics circle, led by Hanna Yailymova, participated in the NASA Space App Challenge hackathon and advanced to the international stage of the competition! Recently, the participants Vladimir Kuzin, Yevhen Hryhorenko, Oleksiy Dyakun, and Sviatoslav Matviyuk were awarded valuable prizes from the organizers of the hackathon at the department ceremony.

In December, bachelor’s degree student and circle member Vladimir Kuzin gave a presentation on the “EO4UA initiative: scientific European Support of Ukrainian scientific community” at the DESSERT’2022 scientific conference, which garnered interest among the audience.

But that’s not all! Our circle members actively participate in scientific projects, including working on neural network models for mapping forests as part of the Swiftt project. In addition, we are preparing for the Black Sea Science International Student Science Contest.

And our programming Olympiad circle showed impressive results. Circle members participated in the 2022 ICPC All-Ukrainian Collegiate Programming Contest. Our department team made it to the final round of the International stage of the All-Ukrainian Collegiate Programming Contest! In December, the team of physics and technology students participated in the third, international stage of the ICPC and ranked in the top 10% of participating teams in Ukraine!

We are very proud of the achievements of our talented circle members and wish them further victories and incredible accomplishments! May their work be fruitful and contribute to the further development of science and technology in Ukraine and around the world.Regenerate response