Meeting with students

At the start of the semester, the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis organized a lively meeting between students and professors.

During the meeting, the students enthusiastically shared their thoughts and experiences about their studies. They discussed their exciting plans and future prospects for research, while also reflecting on the success of the “Olympiad Programming” and “Applied Mathematics” clubs. They were thrilled to learn about the agreement on a double degree program with the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences and eagerly talked about enrolling in the cutting-edge 2023 Master’s program in “Mathematical Methods of Modeling, Pattern Recognition, and Computer Vision.”

The professors, including the esteemed Professor Natalia Kussul, Professor Andrii Shelestov, Senior Lecturer Hanna Yailymova, and Associate Professor Vladyslav Khaidurov, shared their valuable experience and insights into project work. The students were excited to learn about the numerous opportunities for professional development and how they can apply their knowledge of applied mathematics to participate in the innovative research projects at the department.
The meeting was both physically and virtually interactive, with undergraduate students asking engaging questions about the unique aspects of enrolling and studying in the Master’s program. They were thrilled to learn about the double degree program in Data Science and actively discussed the steps necessary to create a successful career in the dynamic field of mathematics and computer science.