Congratulations to the teachers on receiving textbooks with the seal of the KPI!

Specialists of the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis replenished the intellectual fund of the Physical and Technical Institute with new educational and methodological developments:

“Analysis of data. Laboratory workshop” by Kussul N.M., Shelestov A.Yu., Tarasenko S.A., Yaylimova G.O. for zdobuvachіv bachelor’s degree for specialty 113 Applied Mathematics. “Programming: Part 1. Structural development: Laboratory workshop” authors Orehov O.A., Orehova N.A., Rodionov A.M. – for health workers with a bachelor’s degree in specialties 105 Applied physics and nanomaterials, 113 Applied mathematics, 125 Cyber ​​security. “Methods for the analysis of great heterogeneous data: Laboratory workshop” and “Knowledge management models: Laboratory workshop” authors Orehov O.A., Orehova N.A. – for health education master’s degree for specialties 113 Applied Mathematics, 125 Cyber ​​security.

Decisions Methodical for the sake of KPI im. Igor Sikorsky, the manuscripts of scientific and pedagogical practitioners were recognized by initial examinations and given a special stamp (protocol No. 2 dated September 30, 2022) for the submission of the Vchenoy for the sake of the Institute of Physics and Technology (protocol No. 11 dated September 1, 2022).