Final meeting on the ERA-Planet project

The final meeting on the ERA-Planet project took place yesterday! Professor Natalia Kussul presented the results of research by the Space Research Institute among the two best services developed by partners in the GEO-Essential project. The research was aimed at developing information technology for the assessment of indicators of sustainable development goals (SDG), which are relevant to the assessment of agricultural land in Ukraine.

Such indicators of CSW are 15.3.1 «Share of degraded lands from the total land area» and 2.4.1 «Share of agricultural lands in the conditions of productive and sustainable agriculture». Assessment of CSW indicators, as well as land classification maps, are in demand in government agencies, including the State Geocadastre, the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Ukraine, and the Regional State Administration.

This project defined the research topics of our team for five years. During its implementation, four young researchers of the department «grew», they, together with the main results of the project, are currently marked on the ERA-Planet website.

Each final is the beginning of the next stage, so ERA-Planet was developed in the next Horizon-2020 e-shape project. Most ERA-Planet partners take part in it.

The speech can be viewed at the link.

All the victories are still ahead, so with increasing enthusiasm we continue to develop methods of geospatial and satellite intelligence together with the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis and SRI. Join!