13 research internships in computer science and more

Summer is just around the corner! For those who plan to spend it productively, we have an interesting article with a selection of foreign research internships. Right now, universities and research centers around the world are starting the application season, so it’s worth noting a few options.

Internship is a mutually beneficial cooperation for both the company and the young employee. Corporations get results without wasting the efforts of full-time employees, and students and graduates – the opportunity to write in the resume the name of a serious employer and possibly even stay in the team. Among the advantages: the opportunity to decide on the direction, real experience, a chance to prove yourself and earn «your money».

  1. CERN Short Term Internship (Geneva, Switzerland).
  2. CERN openlab Summer Student Programme (Geneva, Switzerland).
  3. ETH Student Summer Research Fellowship (Zurich, Switzerland).
  4. ETH Robotics Student Fellowship (Zurich, Switzerland).
  5. Summer@EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland).
  6. Undergraduate internships at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory.
  7. Summer Internships in Natural Language Processing, University of South California (Marina del Rey, USA).
  8. ISTernship summer program (Klosterneuburg, Austria).
  9. Aalto Science Institute internship programme (Espoo, Finland).
  10. Student internships at Aarhus University (Aarhus, Denmark).
  11. International Visiting Internship Student Program, Honk Kong University of Science and Technology (Hong Kong).
  12. IBM Great Minds student internships.
  13. Internship Program for International Students, École polytechnique (France).

You can read more about these internships by following the direct links to them and in the article.

We hope that some of the opportunities will be to your liking and will be a good start to your career. Make the right choice!