Three technologies that can change the world by 2025

Comprehensive penetration of artificial intelligence, quantum computing, tighter control over CO2 emissions, new cancer treatment strategies… The development of modern technologies in the next five years will significantly expand the capabilities of mankind and affect the lives of many.

What will change bring?

1. Production optimized by artificial intelligence

Companies are now rapidly introducing cloud technologies for aggregation, intelligent processing and contextual presentation of product and process data from production lines and the entire product supply chain.

By 2025, this data flow and the intelligent algorithms that analyze it will allow manufacturers to continuously improve product quality while reducing total production waste by up to 50%. As a result, consumers will enjoy higher quality products that are produced faster, with less cost and less damage to the environment.

2. A new era of computer technology

Quantum computers will allow you to simulate complex chemical reactions, develop drugs and materials with the desired properties, such as catalysts (a unit in the car to clean the exhaust gases), which will reduce the amount of harmful emissions.

3. Blurring of physical and virtual spaces

The line between physical and virtual spaces will be blurred – global music and film festivals will be held in digital format. However, consumers need to trust the format of virtual communication or virtual participation in global events, so privacy should be a priority.