The project from the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

In 2022 Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis Department of Institute of Physics and Technology of National Technical University of Ukraine «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» has obtained the project from The International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (IBRD, «World Bank») on usage of remote sensing data to analyze and model land use, monitor changes and modelling of yield prediction. 

«World Bank» on the base of financial support of European Commission maintains the Program «Supporting Transparent Land Governance in Ukraine» Since 2016. This Program is providing support to the Government of Ukraine for establishment of preconditions for transparent functioning of agricultural land markets, improving efficiency of land use and establishing the foundations for investments and job creation in the rural sector. In Ukraine, the land market for agricultural land opened on 1 of July 2021. One of the program activities is to analyze land market changes in Ukraine on a monthly basis. Transaction data for land parcels are available on monthly basis.

The main task of the project is geospatial intellectual analysis of land productivity and identification of factors influencing the market value of land in different regions of Ukraine.

Our previous research has shown that the normative monetary valuation of land (creditworthiness) does not reflect the real productivity of land. In the same project, a geospatial analysis of land for sale will be carried out on the basis of open satellite data and mathematical models will be developed to assess the productivity of agricultural land.

Estimated losses of agricultural crops from the war according to satellite data

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