Development of a new reality and R&D in Ukraine

Our educational program «Mathematical Methods of Modeling, Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision» is becoming increasingly popular – technology giant Qualcomm plans to open an augmented reality research center in Ukraine.

«Qualcomm Technologies has acquired Augmented Pixels to expand its R&D network in Europe and develop its augmented reality technology, XR», – said Richard Tinkler, senior marketing director at Qualcomm.… Continue reading

Mixed format of study in the spring semester

According to the decision of the Administrative Council of KPI spring semester 2021/2022 will begin in a mixed mode!

Beginning of the semester on January 31, 2022 for the first week. All changes will be in the schedule approximately 10 days before the beginning of the semester.… Continue reading

5 simple and effective tips to increase productivity

Still can’t get together after the holidays, and no one has canceled the deadlines? Can’t concentrate on one task or another? We have a solution!

We’ve found 5 simple and effective tips for improving your productivity. They will completely help in achieving a variety of goals!… Continue reading

Three technologies that can change the world by 2025

Comprehensive penetration of artificial intelligence, quantum computing, tighter control over CO2 emissions, new cancer treatment strategies… The development of modern technologies in the next five years will significantly expand the capabilities of mankind and affect the lives of many.

What will change bring?Continue reading

A power of attorney message was posted on Twitter

Australian Philip O’Keefe with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) sent a message on Twitter by force of thought using Stentrode technology. «No need to press keys or talk. I created this tweet just by thinking about it», – Philip wrote.

Stentrode is an endovascular brain implant through which a person can control digital devices through thinking.… Continue reading