Development of a new reality and R&D in Ukraine

Our educational program «Mathematical Methods of Modeling, Pattern Recognition and Computer Vision» is becoming increasingly popular – technology giant Qualcomm plans to open an augmented reality research center in Ukraine.

«Qualcomm Technologies has acquired Augmented Pixels to expand its R&D network in Europe and develop its augmented reality technology, XR», – said Richard Tinkler, senior marketing director at Qualcomm. «In the coming months, we will talk more about the implementation of this technology in Europe».

Extended Reality (XR) is a new direction that Qualcomm, a manufacturer of microchips for Apple and a developer of the new generation 5G Internet, is working on. XR combines the mixed, virtual and augmented reality technologies that Goncharuk specializes in.

Qualcomm plans to create elegant glasses that will allow users to see not only the real but also the digital world. The glasses will work with 4G or 5G and will have sensors that can analyze the world and people. With these glasses, Qualcomm wants to replace all the screens used by humans – smartphones, tablets, laptops.

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