About the student performance rating

• Student performance ratings based on the results of the winter semester control 2021/2022 academic year will be published on the website of the Department of Educational Work on February 4.

• Lists of students with previous average scores of scholarship holders (not a rating, this is just one of its components!) Will be posted on the websites of faculties / institutes on January 26.

• Lists with extra points can be found here.

We remind you:

• Success rating = 0.95 * average score + 0.05 * extra points!

• The ranking includes budget students, full-time students, who passed the semester control on time and without any changes.

• Academic scholarships are awarded to 40% of students from the number of all full-time students.

• An academic scholarship for special academic achievements is awarded to 25% of the number of scholarship holders. The only condition: a rating of at least 85 points.

Good luck!