Our third-year startup has been selected to participate in an exhibition of innovative projects in Dubai

Harmix startup Nazar Ponochevny, a third-year student of our educational program at the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis, has been selected to participate in an exhibition of innovative projects in Dubai. Teams will have their stands there, as well as have the opportunity to talk about their project to global investors.

Harmix— an intelligent service that automatically selects music for videos.

Also on the list of the best:

Auto BI — online platform for SMART transport management solutions.

S.Lab – Sustainable Laboratory — production of 100% biodegradable packaging from technical hemp and mushroom mycelium.

Elai.io — is a web service that uses artificial intelligence to quickly generate video presentations with a virtual speaker in the frame without the use of a professional studio.

FlashBeats — a mobile app that can sync the flashlights of thousands of smartphones to create amazing light shows at sporting or musical events and home parties.

Sensorama Lab— a platform for virtual training of soft and technical skills.

Mosqitter — ecological hardware + software solution for protection against mosquito bites in open areas.

FlyAgData — a solution that helps farmers reduce the cost of agricultural production and maximize their profitability by collecting agronomic and engineering data from online machinery.

GIOS — an interactive platform with a unique methodology for studying mathematics and developing critical thinking in students of generations Z and Alpha through short animated video lectures.

Revizion — comprehensive feedback service and NPS (Net Promoter Score) for business.

AgroTop — is an online platform for SMART solutions in agricultural production management.

Recoshelf helps retailers sell more with computer vision.

Ademrius — a web platform that allows you to automate the work of medical institutions through the introduction of online medical records and electronic patient history.

EdPro.ua — a kit for school laboratory and demonstration work in physics, which significantly improves the quality of learning and lessons.

MySatKit — it is a model of a modern small satellite kubsata, such a training designer designed for amateurs and professionals, for adults and children.