Greetings to first-year students

On Monday, September 19, a meeting of teachers of the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis with the 1st year took place in a warm, friendly atmosphere. Students got to know teachers and student supervisors. The head of the department, professor Nataliya Kussul presented the educational program “Mathematical methods of modeling, pattern recognition and computer vision”, spoke about cooperation with scientific institutions, international universities, about the features of dual education at KPI. Curator Hanna Yalymova answered all the organizational questions that interested first-year students and urged them to be proactive and active in their studies. Professor of the department A.Yu. Shelestov, associate professors A.M. Lavrenyuk, O.A. Orekhov spoke with a welcome speech. The associate professor of the department I.M.Tereshchenko shared interesting stories from student life.  Congratulations to our freshmen on a big event, namely the beginning of a new stage of life! We wish that the student years will be filled with learning experiences and vivid emotions. Good luck to you, friends!