The process of accreditation of the Master’s level «Mathematical methods of modeling, pattern recognition and computer vision» in the specialty 113 Applied mathematics has been completed

We are pleased to announce the successful completion of the second (master’s) level accreditation process of «Mathematical methods of modeling, pattern recognition and computer vision» in specialty 113 Applied mathematics!

Accreditation of an educational program is an extremely important stage for any educational institution and its staff. Everyone is involved in the work — the university management, academic staff, administrative staff, structural units (psychologists, accountants, librarians, the certification department and more), employers and graduates. Of course, any accreditation cannot take place without learners, who are the central engine and heart of any scientific institution.

In other words, accreditation is a large system that would break if any of the subsystems were to fail. Therefore, the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis is sincerely grateful to everyone involved in this complex process, and also wants to express a big thank you to the ONP guarantor — prof. Andrii Shelestov, for going through this thorny path and achieving success — the program is accredited until 2028!

And now we are opening our doors for the admission campaign for the new academic year for an already accredited educational program and we are looking forward to inspired, persistent and interested in learning entrants!