Presentation of our researchers at the event within the MATRA Program project / «Key principles of Ukraine’s effective path to the EU: monitoring, cooperation, education»

On June 17, the team of the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis took part in an event within the framework of the MATRA Program project / «Key Principles of Ukraine’s Effective Path to the EU: Monitoring, Cooperation, Education».

Our leading researchers spoke: Natalia Kussul, Andriy Shelestov, and Hаnna Yaylymova. They focused on the following issues:

🔵 The DIGITAL Europe Program as a driver of Europe’s digital transformation: main goals, structure, implementation principles

🔵 COPERNICUS program – the role of satellite data in the EU innovation programs

🔵 Digital system of agricultural monitoring Land parcel identification system in Europe and its adaptation in Ukraine (DAR – State Agrarian Register)

🔵 Monitoring the state of protected areas and ecosystems in UNDP and international agencies’ projects

🔵 Challenges of big data – sources of satellite and geospatial data; cloud platforms for satellite data processing, machine learning methods and artificial intelligence models

🔵 Risks and challenges of using innovative technologies

Later, you will be able to watch the recording of this meeting in the format of a video course on the Prometheus online education platform!