Accreditation of the educational and scientific program of the third level

Today, the Sectoral Expert Council (SEC) has approved the accreditation of our Educational and Scientific Program of the third level of higher education in the specialty 113 – Applied Mathematics.

This is a joint educational program between three departments: Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis of NIPT, Mathematical Methods of Information Security of NIPT and Applied Mathematics of FPM.

We are sincerely grateful to the friendly departments for their support and hard work (not only during accreditation) and to Prof. Nataliia Kussul, the guarantor of the educational program, who keeps up with the times and does everything possible for the same successful development of the educational program.

We would like to remind you that our department has successfully completed all possible accreditations (bachelor’s, master’s and PhD). So if you are interested in machine learning, computer vision, data analysis, we are waiting for you, dear students, at all levels of the educational process!