Topics of bachelor’s theses

Once again, we congratulate our bachelors on the successful defense of their theses!

And here are the topics of the theses that were presented. Perhaps it will be useful to some of the future graduates when choosing their own topic!

Head: Kovalets I. V.

  1. Koreshkov Mikhail Alexandrovich
    Theme of the work: Modeling of short-term consequences of a severe man-made accident at Zaporizhzhya NPP
  2. Osyka Oleksandr Mykhailovych
    Theme of the work: Modeling of secondary circulation under inertial rotation of a fluid

Head: Kussul N.M.

  1. Nazar Yuriyovych Ponochevnyi
    Theme of the work: Development of a voice interface for creating diagrams

Head: Lavreniuk A.M.

  1. Salii Yevhenii Valeriiovych
    Theme of the work: Optimization of the input space of machine learning models for detecting anomalies in multidimensional geospatial data

Head: Nakazhny P. O.

  1. Mochuk Olena Volodymyrivna
    Theme of the work: Autoregression equations with Markov switches
  2. Khokhlov Yaroslav Ihorovych
    Theme of work: Modeling the birth of axion-like particles in the SHiR experiment
  3. Tsybulnyk Anton Vladyslavovych
    Theme of work: Parameter estimation of a partially observable Markov chain on binary sequences

Head: Novikov O.M.

  1. Syrytsia Valentyna Oleksandrivna
    Theme of the work: Models and methods of denial of service attacks in cyber-physical systems of critical infrastructure

Head: Orekhov O. A.

  1. Derbal Bohdan V.
    Theme of the work: Research of the Ukrainian segment of Wikipedia by means of analysis of complex network structures
  2. Zhytkevych Ivan Oleksandrovych
    Research topic: Model of development of simple organisms using genetic algorithms and deep learning
  3. Kvashyn Eduard Dmytrovych
    Research topic: Investigation of the properties of the SIR model with a non-fixed infection index
  4. Kozlovska Sofia Sergiivna
    Research topic: Reflexive models of propaganda mechanisms
  5. Kuchovska Oksana Serhiivna
    Research topic: Graph theory and network connections in social networks

Head: Tereshchenko I. M.

  1. Gorbachev Dmytro Oleksandrovych
    Theme of the work: Reflexive model of behavior of society groups under the influence of information influence on the internal currency
  2. Kuzmuk Kristina Anatoliivna
    Research topic: Determination of sets of locations of waste processing plants taking into account the road network
  3. Ravska Anastasia Oleksandrivna
    Research topic: Determining the optimal composition of coalitions to reduce the impact of hostile agents on the information environment of society

Head: Titkov D. V.

  1. Kukhar Bohdan Viktorovych
    Theme of the work: Target recognition algorithm using pre-filtering
  2. Strelets Hlib Oleksandrovych
    Theme of work: Recognition of pathologies on radiographs

Head: Shelestov A.Y.

  1. Kuzin Vladimir Hamletovich
    Theme of the work: Optimization of information infrastructure for satellite data analysis tasks

Head: Yavorsky O. A.

  1. Aseko-Nkili Andrii Miguelovych
    Theme of the work: Application of gradient boosting methods on the example of text tone analysis tasks
  2. Kirilenko Pavlo Oleksandrovych
    Theme of the work: Development of a system for detecting anomalies in multidimensional data using deep learning
  3. Namchuk Oleksandr Ihorovych
    Research topic: Search for anomalies in the time series of decentralized finance using LSTM neural networks
  4. Plakhtii Hlib Oleksiiovych
    Theme of the work: Cross-modal representations configured on MusicCaps for music search by text description
  5. Ruban Denys Oleksandrovych
    Research topic: Comparison of the capabilities of deep learning algorithms for multimodal synthesis
  6. Shevtsova Maria S.
    Research topic: Creating trading strategies based on information about anomalies in the DeFi space
  7. Shevchenko Yulia Oleksiivna
    Research topic: Practical application of computer vision in robotics on the example of hand gesture recognition
  8. Shmorgun Danylo Oleksandrovych
    Theme of the work: Comparison of WordPiece and SentencePiece tokenization methods on the example of automated abstracting task

Head: Yaylymova G. O.

  1. Romanchenko Dmytro Oleksandrovych
    Theme of the work: The method of pricing policy formation in public utilities of Ukraine
  2. Sheredeko Alexander Vladimirovich
    Research topic: Mathematical methods for assessing the quality of land resources and forecasting the value of land
  3. Vakulyuk Veronika Vasylivna
    Research topic: Mathematical methods of analysis of damaged areas of the agricultural sector of Ukraine
  4. Gavrilova Anastasia Vladimirovna
    Theme of the work: Methods of classification of malicious emails on the example of impostors
  5. Pavlo Oleksandrovych Hrydin
    Theme of the work: Modeling the state of air quality by ground and satellite data
  6. Marinchenko Mykyta Oleksandrovych
    Research topic: Methods for analyzing the value of land plots using satellite and geospatial data
  7. Mudrak Ivan Anatoliyovych
    Research topic: Methods for recognizing damage from military operations using satellite data
  8. Anton Oleksandrovych Yanushev
    Research topic: Machine learning algorithms for predicting user churn