Our department won a project within the Horizon Europe program

We are excited to share that the Department of Mathematical Modelling and Data Analysis has been awarded a prestigious Horizon Europe project under the call “Associating Ukrainian Cities to the climate neutral and smart cities missions”. This marks a significant milestone in Ukraine’s post-war recovery and is a crucial step towards our European integration objectives.

Project Overview:

  • Coordinated by Dresden University.
  • Collaboration with 20 partners, including 9 from Ukraine.

U_CAN is dedicated to leading Ukrainian cities towards climate neutrality using a practical, bottom-up approach. In line with the European Green Deal, it commences with a core group of 8 Ukrainian cities, Dresden, and various NGOs and research institutions.

Key Highlights:

  • 42 months of collaboration with CNSC-UA twinning partners.
  • A focus on adapting to European climate standards with expert guidance.
  • Strong emphasis on co-creation and Citizen Science to address present-day challenges.
  • Programs for exchange and workshops to enhance synergy and knowledge dissemination.

Our Department’s Crucial Role:
We are proud, that our team’s involvement provides the scientific backbone for the project, ensuring that the strategy is rooted in solid, cutting-edge research. Our expertise in geospatial intelligence, mathematical modelling and data analysis plays a pivotal role in shaping a scientifically sound approach towards achieving climate neutrality in Ukrainian cities.

This project supports climate mitigation and adaptation in each pilot city, backed by an in-depth plan for dissemination, communication, and exploitation, coordinated by both European and Ukrainian organizations. Our initiative integrates Ukrainian cities into the vision of the European Green Deal and advocates for balanced support in all sectors, from smaller communities to the capital, Kyiv.

Follow us for more updates as we embark on this transformative journey towards a sustainable and resilient future!