Students of other departments actively participate in our projects

Students Bohdan Potuzhny and Vlada Svirsh presented at the CoLInS 2024 conference the results of their research on the topic of geospatial intelligence and infrastructure assessment in villages, conducted under the guidance of Natalia Kussul, professor of the MMAD department. These studies were carried out within the framework of the project “Information technologies of geospatial analysis of the development of rural areas and communities”, which is being carried out by our MMAD department on the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

Their work is focused on the analysis of static data on access to various types of infrastructure in villages. The students proposed an approach to assessing the “infrastructural quality” of villages based on available open geospatial data.

The participation of students from other departments in our projects not only provides effective cooperation and exchange of knowledge in scientific research, but also adds a friendly atmosphere and the opportunity to find like-minded students for future research. We will continue to work on this!