The first semester of the “Olympic Programming Club” has been successfully completed

The first semester of the “Olympic Programming Club”, which operates on the basis of the Institute of Physics and Technology of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”, has been successfully completed.

More than 30 students took part in the work of the group, seven of whom successfully completed an online course in sports programming and received official certificates and additional points to the rating. The list of all official circles can be found at the link.

In addition to personal victories, 8 teams were formed on the basis of the circle, which took part in the interdepartmental competition KPI-OPEN. Six of them entered the top twenty. Two teams from the circle are already registered for the international stage of the KPI-OPEN competition and will fight for victory in the summer.

For the summer period, we invite students who are inspired to get acquainted with the C++ programming language or delve into Olympic programming.

Join the circle at: