“Olympic programming”

The group is aimed at deepening knowledge and skills of sports programming in order to prepare for the Olympics. We consider the basic theoretical and practical aspects necessary for successful participation in programming competitions of any level: from linear algorithms to the basics of graph theory. We consider the issues of asymptotic analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of software implementation of algorithms. We analyze the tasks of past tournaments, prepare for the next ones.

We invite students to the group who have the inspiration to get acquainted with the C ++ programming language or delve into Olympic programming.

Register for the group by following the link: https://forms.gle/JvF8iwyvh47jRPvS9 

Activities and successes of the group:

  1. The «Olympic Programming» group continues its work
  2. Regular meeting of the «Olympic Programming» circle`
  3. Meeting of the «Olympic programming» group
  4. The first semester of the Olympic Programming Club has been successfully completed.



  • Nataliia KUSSUL
  • Oleksandr RYBAK