The «Olympic Programming» circle continues its work

This year, the «Olympic Programming» group continues its work, which is aimed at deepening knowledge and skills of sports programming in order to prepare for the Olympics.

Using the example of tasks from those tournaments that are already behind them, the participants of the circle, led by the leaders Natalia Kussul and Oleksandr Rybak, are preparing for the next challenges. The circle is a real source of knowledge not only for students, but also for schoolchildren who are inspired to get acquainted with the C ++ programming language or delve into Olympic programming.

Recalling the previous semester, I would like to remind you that more than 30 students took part in the work of the group, seven of whom successfully completed an online course in sports programming and received official certificates and additional points to the rating. In addition, the teams formed on the basis of the circle took part in the interdepartmental competition KPI-OPEN, and some of them won prizes.

To enrich yourself with theoretical and practical knowledge, to analyze everything from linear algorithms to the basics of graph theory, join without hesitation. Victories at the Olympics will definitely fall into your hands!