“Data Analysis Summer School” starts

On June 22-25, 2021, the Institute of Physics and Technology NTUU “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute” together with the laboratory of Copernicus Academy at the Institute of Space Research of NASU-SSAU offers to take part in Data Analysis Summer School, which invites not only students but also schoolers!
In 4 days we will acquaint participants with all the necessary basics, tell you how neural networks work, where to look for data sets and training materials for further development.
We will also work on the final project, where everyone will be able to show their creativity and vision, and we, in turn, will help develop ideas to the level of truly competitive projects, which will be supervised to participate in the competition for Techno Ukraine students.
More about the schedule:
Day 1 (22.06) Design thinking. Let’s talk about the main directions of artificial intelligence, what tasks can be solved and talk about the final project
Day 2 (23.06) Regression analysis. Let’s remember Python, let’s understand what regression analysis is, where and why to use it, let’s learn to work on input data
Day 3 (24.06) Basics of machine learning. Let’s understand the problems of classification using different libraries, learn to evaluate and present the results well
Day 4 (25.06) Projects showcase. Presentation of the results of the project.
Join us if you want to try yourself in a truly modern profession, meet new people and gain interesting experience working on the project.
The study is free, but places are limited, so please register by following the link.

Successfully completed Data Analysis Summer School