Scientific papers were presented at the international conference IEEE EUROCON 2021

On July 6-8, 2021, an international conference IEEE EUROCON 2021 was held in Lviv.

IEEE EUROCON is a flagship event of the IEEE Region 8 (Europe, Middle East and Africa) held every two years in a different country with participants from all over the world.

In total, in 2021, about 100 works were presented at EUROCON, four of which were performed by the staff of NTUU “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”:

1)      Remote Sensing Data usage for Smart City Greening Strategy Planning, Leonid Shumilo, Andrii Shelestov, Bohdan Yailymov, Anton Brazhnyi, Yuliia Bilokonska (2020.02/0284)
2)      The Land Degradation Estimation Remote Sensing Methods Using RUE-adjusted NDVI, Andrii Shelestov, Leonid Shumilo, Yuliia Bilokonska, Alla Lavreniuk (2020/01.0273)
3)      Ground Based Validation of Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service Data for Kyiv, Andrii Shelestov, Hanna Yailymova, Bohdan Yailymov, Oleg Samoilenko, Leonid Shumilo (2020.02/0284)
4)      Intellectual Analysis of Major Crops Area due to Climate Changes in Ukraine, Mikhail Emelyanov, Hanna Yailymova, Andrii Shelestov, Bohdan Yailymov (2020/01.0273)

All these works have been completed and will be further developed within the framework of competitions of the National Research Foundation of Ukraine, which received grant support at NTUU “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. In particular:

  1. 2020.02/0284 “Geospatial models and information technologies of satellite monitoring of smart city problems” (National Research Foundation of Ukraine Competition “Leading and Young Scientists Research Support“).
  2. 2020/01.0273 “Intelligent models and methods for determining land degradation indicators based on satellite data” (National Research Foundation of Ukraine Competition “Science for the safety of human and society“).

Below are some illustrations from the authors’ presentations.

You can find the full conference program by the following link and more photos – on Facebook.