Webinar for entrants in the specialty 113 “Applied Mathematics”

On July 14, a webinar was held for entrants in the specialty 113 “Applied Mathematics” in the educational program “Mathematical methods of modeling, pattern recognition and computer vision” at the Institute of Physics and Technology NTUU “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute“, where teachers, students and graduates spoke.

Professor Natalia Kussul, Deputy Director of the Institute of Space Research of NASU and SSAU in her presentation presented the content of education of the newly created department, told about the basic principles, including basic education, real projects and academic mobility, as well as entrants learned about their prospects in international science startups and in business.

It was interesting to listen to Viktor Sdobnikov, a graduate of FTI, who is currently a teacher and co-author of the content of the curriculum and one of the founders of Apostera. He shared the main vectors of development in mathematical modeling, pattern recognition and machine vision, which in the XXI century are areas that are successfully evolving with each passing day and will inevitably become the main driving forces in the future.

Leonid Shumilo, who managed to master two complex specialties at once due to perseverance, told, based on his own experience, how he can go through training – not without difficulties, but incredibly interesting for those who are ready to work and improve. Leonid traveled almost all over Europe, attending professional conferences, participated in real projects, took his place in science and is not going to stop, because he entered a prestigious university abroad, which helped him the knowledge that the graduate received while studying honestly our institute.

We also heard Nazar Ponochevniy, a second-year student, Maria Bondar (a bachelor’s graduate), and Ostap Khomenko, a second-year student, who have found their place in life and are delighted with their chosen specialty and recommend that everyone who cares about their future entrants FTI.

You can find the full webinar recording on the our YouTube channel.