Meeting as part of World Space Week

Yesterday, October 7, as part of the World Space Week in the large hall of the Polytechnic Museum, a meeting of students of the Polytechnic Lyceum National Technical University of Ukraine «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» and Lyceum «Scientific Change» with prominent women scientists who engaged in state-of-the-art research and development.

Among those women who develop science, supplementing their own ideas, presented the work of his team, Professor Nataliia Kussul, representing the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis. It is at our department that the educational program «Mathematical methods of modeling, pattern recognition and computer vision» has been operating since 2021, where students are provided with everything to gain fundamental knowledge about artificial intelligence, space observations and geospatial analysis, which she shared with students lyceums Nataliia.

Such topics are worth paying attention to, because in the modern world they appear in various spheres of human activity. As we can see, artificial intelligence systems are currently present in production, in everyday life, in science, in medicine, in education, in banking and trade, in management and administration, in logistics, in transport, in agriculture. The list goes on and on. Specialists in applied mathematics, trained at the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis, are able on the basis of basic knowledge of mathematics, programming and computer science to build mathematical models and intelligent systems for analyzing large arrays of real data from any subject area and can identify patterns and form strategies for the development of companies and products.

Space Week continues, and this tells us that it is worth grabbing knowledge with both hands, taking the opportunity, and multiplying it by joining real practitioners who are happy to accept recruits into their ranks.

Let’s develop science with us!