Artificial intelligence, which is able to find out the guilt and make accusations with 97% accuracy. Chinese scientists have created a robot prosecutor

According to The Korea Times, scientists were able to «teach» artificial intelligence with an accuracy of 97% to determine whether a person is guilty of a crime. To do this, used more than 17 thousand cases that were considered in the courts between 2015 and 2020.

«The system can to some extent replace prosecutors in the decision-making process», – Professor Shi Yong and colleagues wrote in a paper for the Chinese scientific journal Management Review.

In addition, new technology is able to transform human language into a computer-friendly algorithm. At the same time, it does not require much space – the system can be installed on a personal computer.

However, not all prosecutors approve of the new technology. A Guangzhou prosecutor says he has reservations about using artificial intelligence.

«Accuracy of 97% can be high in terms of technology, but there is always a risk of error», – says the prosecutor, – «who will be responsible in case of error? Prosecutor, machine or algorithm developer?»