The annual scientific and practical conference of students, postgraduates and young scientists “Theoretical and Applied Problems of Physics, Mathematics and Informatics” was held

The annual scientific and practical conference of students, post-graduate students and young scientists “Theoretical and applied problems of physics, mathematics and informatics” was held on the basis of the Educational and Research Institute of Physics and Technology NTUU “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”.

At the conference, students presented their work and scientific topics, the path to which they started at our university. We will pay special attention to the section “Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis”, which this year collected the largest number of reports and highlights the thematic areas and activities of the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis.

In addition to scientific work at the department, students skillfully apply their findings within the framework of international projects of the World Bank, the new Earth Observation for Ukraine (EO4UA) initiative using the CREODIAS cloud platform, as well as within Ukrainian projects with the support of the National Research Fund of Ukraine. In particular, our outstanding student Oleg Shkalikov highlighted the promising topic of using generative-competitive networks, which was used to improve the quality of segmentation of satellite images in the task of classifying minority agricultural crops, the results of which will be used in the World Bank project for Ukraine.

With the beginning of the war, the EO4UA initiative was formed, which aims to support Ukrainian scientists and analyze losses of agricultural products from military operations. Within the scope of this initiative, Sofia Drozd estimated annual temperature totals to assess the similarity of climatic conditions for agricultural crops.

As part of the project “Geospatial models and information technologies for satellite monitoring of smart city problems” of the National Research Fund of Ukraine, Olena Zalyeska analyzed regression models for modeling air quality based on the main indicators (PM2.5).

Also, our students study under dual education with Samsung R&D university partners, which also leads to excellent results. In particular, Olena Kolodyazhna presented her work on the comparison of methods for creating stereo images.

Also, students of other faculties joined the work of the conference section, who gladly shared their developments in the application of neural network algorithms.

All theses of the conference can be viewed electronically in the collection of conference materials at the link. A video recording of the work of the “Mathematical modeling and data analysis” section can be viewed on our YouTube channel at the link.

Who is interested in similar scientific activity, who is interested in working in real international projects and in dual education with world leaders and well-known companies – the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis of the FTI invites bachelors and masters to the educational program “Mathematical methods of modeling, pattern recognition and computing” of computer vision”, as well as graduate students in the specialty 113 Applied Mathematics. Find a description of educational programs at the link.