XXII All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference of students, postgraduates and young scientists, 2024

On May 13-17, 2024, the work of the XXII All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference of students, postgraduates and young scientists continues, and on May 14, 2024, the work of the “Mathematical modeling and data analysis” section took place, where students demonstrated their achievements.

This year, 91 papers were submitted, and the conference consisted of the work of 7 sections. In particular:

  • Actual problems of modern physics – 14 works
  • Physics of energy systems – 8 papers
  • Physical and technical aspects of cyber security – 7 works
  • Mathematical methods of cyber security – 17 papers
  • Actual problems of cryptographic protection of information – 9 papers
  • Systems and technologies of cybernetic security – 17 works
  • Mathematical modeling and data analysis – 19 works

Please note that for students of the “Mathematical methods of modeling, pattern recognition and computer vision” educational program, speaking at the conference is equivalent to the pre-defense of the thesis.

Below is a list of the works of the “Mathematical modeling and data analysis” section, and the full list of works and the text of the works can be found in the collection of conference materials, and the speeches can be viewed at the link.

Enhancing Rural Infrastructure in Ukraine: An Integrated Geospatial Approach
B. V. Potuzhnyi, V. R. Svirsh, N. M. Kussul
Methods of forest health monitoring and analysis based on satellite data
V. E. Iordanova, G. O. Yailymova
Using the SAT-solver in Shur’s n
V. V. Bychok, A. Vasalatiy, O. V. Tsygankova, M. O. Khmelnytskyi
Condensation of the dataset of OCT images by the method of appropriate gradients
O. A. Vergelyuk, N. V. Shapoval
Extrapolation of air quality in an urban environment with a limited number of stations
D. K. Horodetska, G. O. Yalymova
Methods and models of image recognition obtained by unmanned aerial vehicles
E. V. Kirsenko, V. V. Khaidurov
A method of effective fuzzy search for documents in a set of textual data
K. O. Klesch, A. I. Petrenko
Optimizing the portfolio of eigenvectors for obtaining income from assets in the growing DeFi market
O. S. Kushnir
An improved interpolation method based on correlation weights for filling cloud gaps in the AOD channel in daily MODIS images
O. A. Kravchuk, G. O. Yalymova
Swarm intelligence in technical objects and systems
M. V. Lytovchenko, V. V. Khaidurov
Research on the consistent likelihood ratio criterion in A/B testing tasks
A. A. Markov, I. B. Miroshnychenko
Machine learning methods for oil slick recognition using satellite images
M. L. Nagorskyi, G. O. Yailymova
Using machine learning methods to detect damage in agricultural areas
D. S. Nesterenko, G. O. Yalymova
Methods and algorithms of swarm intelligence for finding solutions to optimization problems of modeling the behavior of complex objects and systems
V. S. Tatenko, V. V. Khaidurov
A probabilistic model of three-dimensional 3D reconstruction with consideration of uncertainty
S. O. Khmelevskyi, V. M. Krygin, V. V. Khaidurov
Post-clustering based on Kohonen’s probabilistic self-organizing map
O. V. Khomenko, I. I. Nishchenko
Alignment of language models through modification of internal weights
M. O. Chernyshev, O. A. Yavorskyi
Transfer of a machine learning model for satellite mapping of chlorophyll-a concentration
P. O. Genitsoi, B. Ya. Yailimov, A. Yu. Shelestov
Integration of an intelligent system for analyzing traffic and parking spaces using computer vision in the context of smart cities
O. E. Kasyanovskyi