An online discussion «Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector» took place

We hope that no one missed the speech of Professor Nataliia Kussul at the online discussion «Artificial Intelligence in the Public Sector», because it was extremely interesting!

Employees of the Department of Mathematical Modeling and Data Analysis together with foreign colleagues develop their methodology, take an active part in such international programs as GEO Working Plan (GEOGLAM, JECAM, EuroGeo), Copernicus Academy, which means only one thing – what Natalia said at the conference , closely integrated into the scientific and innovative space of Europe and the world.… Continue reading

The assistant of the MMDА department is approved as a PhD

Congratulations to the assistant of our department with the award of the PhD degree!

On June 17, 2021, Hanna Yailymova defended her Doctor of Philosophy in Applied Mathematics DR№002728 (MES Order №1017 of September 27, 2021) on the topic «Modeling of environmental processes based on a two-step symmetric difference algorithm and satellite data» at the Department of Computational Mathematics, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.… Continue reading

Regular meeting of the «Olympic Programming» circle

On September 30, a regular meeting of the «Olympic Programming» сircle was held under the leadership of Oleksandr Rybak, a lecturer at the Department of Information Security, a multiple winner of international Olympiads, and a candidate of physical and mathematical sciences.… Continue reading

Scientific work of FTI student Sophia Drozd

On September 23, at the international conference IDAACS 2021, a student of FTI NTUU «Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute» presented the work «Validation of the Global Human Settlement Layer and NASA Population Data for Ukraine», performed within the project «Geospatial models and information technologies for satellite monitoring of smart city» (Competition of the National Research Foundation of Ukraine «Support for research of leading and young scientists»).… Continue reading