A bachelor’s graduate immediately entered the PhD program

A graduate of our department, Nataliia Monina, after completing her bachelor’s degree this year, entered the PhD program at the University of Ottawa in the field of mathematics and statistics!

Nataliia says:

“At this stage, we are working with the mathematical problems of Optimal Transport, which consists in minimizing the functional from the joint distribution of two probability measures, and its generalization for the cases of a larger number of distributions. This generalization combines the problems of Optimal Transport and Density Functional Theory, which arises in quantum chemistry. I am working on a generalization of the algorithm for finding the best distribution for the multidimensional case. In the next stages, deep learning and reinforcement learning methods will be connected to this to build an approximation of the optimal solution.”

We sincerely wish Nataliia success and achievement of new heights!

Watch a short video from Nataliia here.